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Distribution Planning & Haulier Management

A manufacturer of homewares & soft furnishings supplying to major UK retailers.


To plan the distribution of display models to 80+ stores within strict time constraints and facilitate the physical operation from landed container to showroom delivery


  • At first release of the distribution list, create a load plan for the inbound containers according to UK locations

  • Assign containers to the most suitable ATT managed distribution point

  • Create a delivery plan within the time constraints and submit all bookings to the client

  • Facilitate the unloading, sortation, storage and final delivery

Rules of Engagement

  • Must be within the requested timeframes

  • Delivery must only be on the specified day

  • Delivery is always multiple items or sets – they must be complete, matching and undamaged


  • We have successfully completed this process many times over for the same client in alignment with their range changes

  • Often multiple models at a time for the same destinations and timeframes

  • Using multiple distribution points and hauliers but one standard, one process

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