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O-licence Compliance Auditing & Support

In 2021 ATT was contacted by a West Yorkshire based haulier who had been summoned to a hearing with the Traffic Commissioner. During a regular roadside inspection by the DVSA, a number of accidental but potentially serious regulatory issues were uncovered. The haulier was instructed by the Traffic Commissioner to engage a consultant who could complete an independent audit, implement change and oversee corrective actions… ATT got the call.


ATT began by completing a detailed audit of the transport operation, assessing all of the following points and more;

  • O-licence status & entitlements

  • Transport Manager qualifications & effectiveness

  • Vehicle maintenance planning & record keeping

  • Vehicle history files

  • Driver employment & training records

  • Operational framework & practices

  • Management tools


Our audit can be tailored to any size or type of operation, the results are provided at topic level with recommended actions and accompanied by a written summary of the findings.


Upon reviewing these documents together, it was agreed for ATT to provide an action plan and a dedicated period of time each week for 10 weeks to review progress and assist with the changes. The 10 week period reflected a deadline set by the Traffic Commissioner, at which point proof of positive change needed to be submitted.


At the end of the initial 10 week period, it was decided by mutual agreement that ATT would continue to provide weekly support in maintaining Operators Licence compliance. This reflects the way ATT works with a number of other clients where we provide an External Transport Manager service.


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