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Network Scenario Modelling

A national carrier seeking to evaluate potential network restructuring.  


  • To assess the impact of significant volume increase on multiple depots and determine the optimal scheduling parameters



  • Replicate an actual week of activity by utilising DiPS modelling software and a week of actual delivery data to create a “base case”

  • Corroborate the results of the base case to ensure it is representative

  • Add additional volume to the “base case” to assess the impact

  • Optimise the transport schedule and depot boundaries to improve integration

  • Repeat the process for a peak week of volume

  • Provide detailed feedback on all models to assist with decision making

Rules of Engagement

  • Delivery frequencies, days and times must be maintained as per the base data

  • Depot relocations not for consideration but boundaries may adjust

  • No additional depots permitted


We were able to closely replicate the existing activity from end to end using DiPS modelling software and then provide detailed insight and analysis of the agreed scenarios. We produced numerous models to account for varying volume levels from actual recorded data.  Key outputs included;

  • Total miles, vehicles and hours

  • Fleet requirements

  • Volume overview by product type, day & activity

  • All the above available from high level overview down to individual trip level

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